14 Nights of Halloween: How to Horrifically Ruin Holiday Recipes, Bat Juice Cocktail (Non-alcoholic)

One of Halloween’s most iconic elements is bats. We all know this to be true – that’s why we see them at the beginning of every Scooby-Doo episode/movie, screeching around forbidden forests and attics; even hanging in your neighbor’s yard this time of year. This is the reason why I choose to work on this recipe. That, and it’s pretty easy.

Now, like the Dragon’s Blood Punch, it doesn’t take alot. It’s just something to wrinkle your mother’s nose, give your kids something cool to drink at a party, and have fun with. Because what can go wrong when you’re drinking something called Bat Juice Cocktails, eh?

You’ll need three things:

  1. a liter of 7Up
  2. Black licorice
  3. Ice

From there, you put 10 pieces of the black licorice into the 7Up container. WARNING: putting the candy into the soda will turn this into your 6th grade volcano science fair project. The 7Up will fizz, so make sure you don’t just stuff on the licorice in, but do it one-by-one (maybe even two-by-two if you’re feeling adventurous) otherwise you’ll counter will become very sticky, just as mine did.

Once you’ve got all the licorice in, set the bottle into a refrigerator and let it set for a couple of hours. No, this is not just something you can whip together for a party where you forgot to bring drinks. During this time of resting, the liquid will turn black, and you’ll have your drink.

Pour the drink over some ice and garnish the cup with a licorice for you, or your guests, “for sipping”.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, your rather non-exciting, nonalcoholic cocktail.

When my brothers had a few friends over, I used the opportunity to make this drink. They didn’t have much to say about it, but they did drink it all, so that speaks for itself. However, because they did, I didn’t get the chance to try my Bat Juice. If you end up making it yourself, please comment below and tell me how you liked it.

(I’m not even going to bother copying and pasting my disclosure onto this one.)

I hope this proves to be a shrieking addition to your Halloween season, as it only takes the bat of an eye to make. Swoop into our website again tomorrow for the mummys’ return in our sixth piece of the “14 Nights of Halloween”, Mummy Hot Dogs.

– Chloe Cushing, Senior

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