14 Nights of Halloween: How to Horrifically Ruin Holiday Recipes, Dragon’s Blood Punch

If you thought the other two were easy, give this a try!

One of the most essential elements of any kind of party are the beverages. They’re kind of like life saviors – giving people something to enjoy if they find they don’t like experimenting with other people’s foods.

I made this last weekend for my brother’s birthday party and it was a hit! Especially with my parents, as it was non-caffeinated.

Mind you, for this, you’ll need:

  • an Extra Large beverage dispenser
  • 46 ounces (the equivalent of 1 can) of Hawaiian punch (though any kind of fruit punch will do, really)
  • 1 can of apple juice
  • 1 can of cranberry juice
  • a 2 liter of Ginger Ale
  • and ice cubes

Parents, you can add extra ingredients if you’d like, but I’m not allowed to post about the consumption of alcohol on the school newspaper. Sorry.

The process is simple: pour the liquids over the ice and then stir. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated before serving, unless you want it to.

This recipe serves up to 25, and is so quick and easy, I had no opportunity to mess it up. Except of course, when  I started in a small pitcher and then had to move it to the dispenser because I didn’t realize that 205 ounces, plus ice cubes, does not fit into a 1 gallon pitcher.

I didn’t find a way to burn anything, so, all in all, this recipe was a success.

I encourage you all to try out this recipe for yourselves. If you’re able to figure out where I went wrong, please say so in the comment section below. I don’t think I need my personal disclosure for this one. Not putting it up makes me feel like I’m loosing my punchline.

Ha ha. Get it? PUNCH-line?

While I certainly hope you enjoy this refreshing concoction, I don’t hope you discover a liking for blood. Peak in tomorrow for our fourth addition of this “14 Nights of Halloween”, Mummy’s Brie.

– Chloe Cushing, Senior

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