See Ya Next Year Tennis Girls

by Grace and Livia

Coming to an end, this year’s tennis team is saying their goodbyes until next year. These girls have done an amazing job this year, working hard, making memories, and most of all playing their hardest.

“My best memory is probably when we played a tennis match against each other, and also playing duck duck goose. We definitely made lots of laughs that day.” – Natalie Gomes

Tennis is not a sport where you just hit a ball with a racket, it’s a sport of dedication. It’s where you compete, and drive to get better by learning from your coaches. Mr. Rodriguez and Chris Butler have been amazing coaches for this girls.

“I love that the girls got along, and that we improved over the year. Tennis takes a lot of individual practice time, and it’s up to you to try your best and work hard to improve.” – Mr. Rodriguez

It’s definitely a bitter sweet moment for the seniors as it is their last year playing here at Tulare Western. They will always keep their memories and learning experience with them as they do bigger and better things.

“My favorite thing about tennis are the people, and becoming a competitive player. My goals for next year is becoming even better and playing more singles.” – Viviana Alvarado

Next year is a whole new season that will come with many new memories and challenges, as well as meeting new people.

If you are interested in making new memories, trying new things, and making more friends, talk to Mr. Rodriguez at the end of the school year about joining the girls tennis team!

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