Politically Correct

By : Alex Chavez


Colin Kaepernick has been greatly criticized after he took a knee during the National Anthem. He is taking a public stance on police brutality and the racial divide the minority communities have faced.

Many found the stance to be as unpatriotic and disrespectful to our military and veterans. Donald trump said, “Maybe he should find another country.” What they don’t realize is that the people serving the military are doing so to protect his very right to take a stance on whatever he deems just. He too is a citizen of the United States and has the right to speak his mind even if he is a public figure.

There are many opinions on the subject, so I proceeded to interview some of my fellow Western students to see what they thought about Colin’s stunt.

Ana Sanchez, sophomore, said, “I believed he was disrespectful but I see where he’s coming from with all the violence.”

Some viewed the stunt as a blatant insult to our military branches and veterans, but others believed  the stance was justified because he has the right as freedom of speech. The recent violence against the African-American communities, by the hands of policemen around the country, has escalated at a rapid rate with many of the incidents being recorded. Many people have witnessed these brutal attacks directed towards the African community and many of these incidents can be viewed Youtube. The people of the African-American community have felt that they weren’t being heard despite all these videos so people like Colin Kaepernick finally gave the situation the attention it direly needed.

Jessica Cisneros, junior, said, “I honestly didn’t believe it was disrespectful.” Many people viewed Colin’s stunt as something he had the right to do as an American citizen. Not everyone stands for the pledge of allegiance for example for religious reason or others and they can absolutely do that because this is the United States of America, a free country and they should not be criticized for trying to express themselves even if it is defiant and not mainstream.”

Marlon Benson, junior, said, “I think he had his own opinion and he displayed how he felt so they shouldn’t make a big issue about it. I truly believe that anyone has the right to express themselves because this is a free country and Colin isn’t the exception. The only reason why it was taken out of proportion was because of his social status.”

Lizbeth Deorta, junior, said, “ It doesn’t bother me, he could stand if he wants to, he can sit if he wants to.”

The majority of the people interviewed viewed Colin’s performance as something that was necessary to shed a light on the controversial topic that black lives matter.  Overall these people believed that Colin had the right to express himself even if it was him not standing up for the National Anthem because it is his right. Some felt that it was offensive to military personnel, but they also said he can do as he pleases because he is a citizen of these great United States.


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