Halloween Night is Approaching! by Livia & Ashleigh

Halloween is a day where you can be whoever you want to be. It’s a night where you get lots of candy, and do scary things. Unfortunately this Halloween is on a Monday, but that’s okay, students are still excited for this year.

“This year I’m going to be someone from the movie purge. That night I’m going to have a Halloween party and hang out with friends. I’m not excited about the clowns because I’m terrified of clowns. I do consider this holiday one of my favorites.” – Alazay Casas

Have you heard about the clowns that have been going around this year? Pretty scary huh? People are dressing up like clowns and chasing people, trying to scare them. There are many videos on social media of all of the clowns that have been scaring people, some not as scary as the others. This could add to the freight this year of Halloween.

“My favorite tradition is practicing Halloween makeup before Halloween night.” -Heidi Avitia

Halloween makeup tutorials  has been the biggest thing on the internet lately. There’s many videos on how to get the scary zombie look, the dory look, and the barbie doll look. There’s also many new customs idea’s this year like becoming Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, Dory from Finding Dory, and becoming  a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. halloween-makeup-tutorial-02 pumpkin-spice-latte


Make this year’s Halloween unforgettable by dressing up and having a blast with family and friends. Also there’s going to be a Halloween contest on Friday 28th in Palm Lane. Winner wins a free yearbook from the yearbook committee and prizes from Journalism. Dress up!

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