Environmental Club


It’s no secret that our world is growing with bustling cities and new technology, and it’s no secret that the earth is dying.

We need to protect our beautiful home and luckily Environmental Club here at Tulare Western is taking the initiative and contributing to keeping the plants green all while finding time to have fun.

The club originated back in the late nineties when science teacher Micheal Young was approached by students wanted to create a brand new club.

When we spoke to him on how he feels about the club, his response was

“It’s an avenue of fun. Non-stressful and I  enjoy running it.”

Next we spoke to several members, including sophomore Victoria Ortiz, who spoke about the activities going on  in the club?

“We  have park clean-ups and go on nature hikes and have movie nights. Or simply go outside and enjoy the scenery around us.”

Afterwards we gather a few words from junior member Will Huffaker. We asked if being involved in Environmental Club changed his perspective or bettered himself?

“Joining made me appreciate what’s around me and made me a happier person by getting involved in something other than cross country.”

We then went to speak to two seniors in the club, Brian Canahaui and Dulce Gomez, and asked what message or motto the club represent.

Dulce Gomez modeling the motto of Environmental Club’s shirts.

“I think of quote by John James Audubon which said ‘A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children,’ meaning we must take care of our home not just for us but for the generations to come.”

Gomez added,”You realize how dirty Tulare is and it’s sad to see how little people care. But as a club we want to spread that we must protect our home because it’s the only one.”

It’s clear to see that our Environmental Club is fighting back pollution every chance it gets while having fun and embracing the beauty of nature.

If you are looking for something to do to expand your activities, it’s best if you check out Environmental Club.



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