Mustangs football defeats Delano Tigers in EYL opener

The Mustang football team played against the Delano Tigers last Friday and came out victorious. The two teams were tied throughout the whole first half of the game. However in the second half, the Mustangs came out firing and ended up winning 38-21.

I asked senior, Josh Portillo, how he felt about the rest of league after last week’s win. He said, ” I feel really confident in the way we are playing, we are executing all of our plays well.”

This was very apparent in the game being that the Mustangs held it down and came out strong in the second half of the game.

I asked junior, Julian Trevino, who is nominated for defensive player of the week, how he felt his play affected the teams win. He said, “I did the best I could and tried to make as many tackles as possible in order to help my team get the win.”

This was very obvious. Julian was one of the game’s stars, making many tackles and plays to help his team out.

He also said that “going into the rest of league, I feel very confident we still do have some individuals on the team but for the most part are coming together.”

Josh Portillo also said that “when he makes a great play it not only fires him up but the sidelines as well and everyone kind of just feeds off of each others energy.”

The Mustangs play Porterville High School this Thursday and after last week are expected to do very well.

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