Opinion: School Fights are Useless


By: Sam Marquez

Unpopular opinions of mine include: thinking meat is gross, loving school, and thinking school fights are relatively stupid. The first two don’t get me in as many debates as one might think, it’s the latter that gets me in sticky situations.

The type of fighting being mentioned isn’t that of debating or bickering that one might have with their best friend, the type is that which is meant to physically harm someone.

Think back to it, have you ever seen a school fight? What were you doing at the time? Did you just watch, pull out your phone to record it, or did you go “snitch” and tell an educator?

Most fights happen because of one of these reasons:

  1. Miscommunication
  2. He-said-She-said nonsense
  3. Unwillingness to talk

Whatever the reason may be, in my opinion, it’s completely unreasonable to resort to violence. Most of us have the amazing ability to communicate the way we feel with one another. Why not use that ability to tell the person you’re in conflict with,

“Hey, I don’t appreciate it when you call me a snake.”

“I understand the way you’re feeling, but try to see it from my perspective.”

These are just some ways to guide yourself into the direction of resolving the confrontation.

I got to interview two juniors from Tulare Western High School about the topic, Gabby Gonzalez and Jesus Camacho .

Why do you think people get into physical fights?

“I think people get into fights because, um, friends back stab each other.” (J.C)

“Me too.” (G.G)

What leads to people betraying one another?

“People sometimes misunderstand each other, you know they don’t really get what the other person is trying to say.” (G.G)

“Yeah, that’s good. But I feel like most of the time it’s a misunderstanding from other people. Like girl one says something about girl two, and girl three goes and tells girl two about it. Like they hear it from other people. It’s a big game of telephone.” (J.C)

What do you like or dislike about school fights?

“They’re funny to watch.” (G.G)

“True! It makes for great entertainment.” (J.C)

“It doesn’t really solve anything though, I feel like they only fight to prove dominance.”(G.G)

What have you done when there’s a school fight?

“I’ve never seen one in person.”(J.C)

“I watch or walk away, I mean I’m too small to break it up.” (G.G)

In the end, what does physical fighting really resolve? There are more beneficial ways to resolve conflict without getting suspended.

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