Jose Fernandez Gone to Soon

On September 25, 2016 the Florida Marlins’ Ace pitcher was pronounced dead. Jose Fernandez was only 24 years old and was soon to be expecting from pregnant girlfriend Carla Mendoza. He has left the world in shock and in tears.

Being so young and still having so much to still accomplish, the baseball community is devastated. I asked senior pitcher Elijah Parks how he felt about his death and he said, ” I am hurt he would have been one of the greatest pitchers. He could have easily been in the hall of fame.”

The cause of his death was a boating accident. However he did not die from drowning, but from the trauma of the accident.

His death has sparked controversy for the reason that the Marlins were scheduled to play a game on that day. Many say that if the game was not cancelled than he would still be here.

Talking to senior Isidro Hernandez, he said that he is sad, “being a young player he still had so much to accomplish with his life.”

The death of this young baseball star will never be forgotten. He will always be remembered for his passion and love for the game.

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