Clinton Vs. Trump–From a Democrat’s View

Gun Control, ISIS, and police brutality are some of the most controversial topics that are circulating politics at this current time. We are faced with two candidates which are not very liked across the board. I would personally vote for Hillary Clinton because she has supported everything Obama has stood for and under his presidency the United States has prospered, which is remarkable if you take into account how President Bush left our economy & sent us into an unnecessary war that not only shed American lives but left the Middle East, an already fragile environment, in ruins and power vacancy.

One of the contenders running for office is Donald Trump. Trump being the Republican nominee is astonishing. He has single-handedly wrecked the Republican Party and divided the party. Despite the division among of the Republicans, Trump has managed to rally massive support among white voters.

Trump has proclaimed that he alone can solve America’s problems due to his business savvy,  yet has filed bankruptcy various times throughout his entrepreneurial career. He claims that he’s a champion of the people but recent reports revealed that not only did Trump lose close to 1 billion dollars in 1995, but also has managed to evade paying taxes for almost two decades. Trump promises to ‘Make America Great Again,’  but his constant remarks only cause divisions among Americans. Trump told a judge, who was handling his Trump University case, that he couldn’t do his job because he was Hispanic. Those rude remarks were even condemned by a leader of the Republican party, Paul Ryan. Also, it has been discovered that Trump has ties with a bank that supported terrorism.

Clinton’s main issue at the moment is that she isn’t viewed as trustworthy by the the American people. The way Hillary Clinton is being judged is sexist in my opinion. Hillary is constantly bombarded with insults and has been blamed for what, in their opinion, are disastrous policies such as NAFTA. Trump, during the debate, practically pinned all the misfortunes of the Bill Clinton administration on Hillary as if she were the president during the time and not Bill. The Republicans have made it their goal to decimate Hillary’s reputation and do so by just linking her to her husband’s presidential administration when Hillary was only First Lady.

When the consulate in Benghazi was attacked by rebels, Republicans were quick to cast a witch hunt. They attempted to find fault in Hillary because she was Secretary of State. If you take everything in account before the attack, you know who’s really to blame-the Republican controlled Congress. The Republican’s, as soon as they gained the majority in 2011, proceeded to slash millions of dollars in funding for embassies and consulate security. After the attack, the Republican spent million of taxpayer dollar on committees to investigate Hillary Clinton, and in the end ended up empty-handed and nothing to show the American people.

Comment below on what you think of these presidential candidates and who you support?  Let your voice be heard! 

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