Lady Mustangs Break the Cycle

By: Sarah Wilbur

For those who missed it, this past weekend our Lady Mustang volleyball team had the opportunity to participate in the Granite Hills Invitational Volleyball Tournament once again! Following up their last year’s placing of 2nd place, our girls managed to return home with 1st place in the gold bracket, shiny individual medals, and smiles from ear to ear!

Having such a successful last tournament of the season truly set the tone for their upcoming league season which begins Tuesday, September 28th! Finishing the tournament with a win over Corcoran, Strathmore, and twice over Granite Hills our Lady Mustangs are highly motivated to see what the season holds.

These ladies faced several setbacks throughout the process of the success. Junior and middle hitter, Victoria Martin, had faced the 24 hour flu just the night before the tournament. Therefore, they were 1 player down at that point! Also, the night prior to this early morning was the football game which several players participated in and caught a lack of sleep. Clearly, the team is willing to do anything for one another and the scores prove it.

I think we all rather hear it straight from the court so we went ahead and asked some of the players!

“I feel like we went into the tournament as a team that was looked down upon but that only built up the fire beneath us to prove them wrong!” -Megan Muller, defensive specialist.

“Winning the tournament really built my confidence up for myself and for my team. I now know we are capable of any success as long as we come together as a team. Can’t wait to see where this first week of league takes us.” -Shania Burrell, outside hitter.

“Winning isn’t everything but it sure makes everything better. I had a great weekend with this amazing group of girls!” -Sarah Wilbur, setter.

“Honestly, this weekend we pulled out wins I would not have expected! However, we worked through the kinks and pulled plays like never before. Go Mustangs!” -Sierra Levy, libero.

Make sure to continue supporting our Lady Mustangs by going to their volleyball games this league season! Home or away, make sure to take pride and rep all of your red, white, and blue gear! GO MUSTANGS!

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