Waking Up Our Youth

By: Sam Marquez

Most teenagers I’ve encountered want nothing to do with politics, possibly for the fact that it can be tricky weeding through all of the “facts” politicians throw out. Though, that’s not the most common excuse I hear.

“It’s boring.”

“Why should I care?”

“I can’t make a difference.”

The truth is, we are the future. We will be the next people to lead our country triumphantly or to run it into the ground.

We will be the next generation to follow in our misguided forefathers footsteps or to take our own road and do away with prejudice and violence. Let’s start with  handful of things wrong here in America: the ridiculous amount of debt we’re in, the environment, racism, sexism, how we treat the lower classes, and so much more.

To quote Ray LaMontange, “How come I can’t tell the free world from a living hell.”

We call ourselves the “land of the free” here in America, but are we really?

The only way we can achieve that is if we wake up and question everything we’ve been taught. Everything we know as moral needs to be reevaluated and we need to ask ourselves is this healthy for ourselves, others, and the future? When we wake up, will we realize the road our forefathers have built for us isn’t sustainable?


Sustainability meaning flourishing, prosperous, and forever expanding. We, the next generation, need to wake up and look at this world and see ourselves as the next educators, doctors, and presidents. We are the future.

An outstanding website to get started is howtomorrowvotes.com. These adolescents are the ones that question everything, the ones that see a bright future in our horizons.

Howtomorrowvotes.com simulates a voting system for people under the age of 18 who cannot vote, it gives everyone an opportunity to have their voice heard.

On their page you can see their motto: “Be curious. Be heard.” Their theme as of September 26th, 2016 is “If you could ask the presidential candidates one question, what would it be?”

What would you ask?

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