Black vs. Blue

By: Kennedy Oliver

Regardless of your beliefs, nationality, ethnicity, and political views, American’s heart should feel black and blue over the latest shootings involving police and the black males, Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott.

As an African-American female, I am firsthand devastated to hear about or watch a video of another black man’s death that occurred during an interaction with police. It’s disheartening to know that the nation is almost split of the subject of #Blacklivesmatter and #AlllivesMatter when in reality they’re both relevant and speak truth.

When most think of Black lives matter they think that the Black community is disrespecting all police or out to harm those in  uniforms when in actuality that’s not the goal.  This movement was created because it became apparent how these altercations keep happening and all we want as a community is justice.

Critics say, “why don’t these people just comply with the officers?”  “How can they preach to Black Lives Matter when within their community they’re killing one another?”  Or a personal favorite, “White people are killed by police too.”

In a response to these statements, I ask why Americans are making excuses for murder. That’s what’s happening in our country. We can be outraged when a NFL star takes a knee during the national anthem but when a man is killed in cold blood in a car in front his wife.  How is that logical?

We are not belittling or degrading any other race. We believe full on that all lives matter, but at this moment in time our country is in turmoil and there is  a crisis happening that must be addressed. Many African-Americans are dying in these altercations and it needs to stop.

Despite this madness there are phenomenal police officers out in communities.  There are many officers around the country reaching out into the communities to stop the fear within so they can avoid the tragedies that occur around the nation. The issue is the ugly assumptions of black men are perpetrated onto the minds of  society and the fear possessed by African-American people.

There is no immediate resolution to this matter, but the first step is to admit that there is an issue with how officers handle minorities, especially African-Americans. There is footage after footage after footage.  The questions that we ask is why are these situations escalating where it must end in death? Why is there the horrified screams of please don´t kill me, the visual of the victims taking their last breath? It’s time to wake up and face the harsh, cool reality that this is happening every day and we can’t sit and be blind, denying that it’s not.

Whether it comes down to new training protocol, or prosecutions in these instances, it all boils down to this. No more fathers taken away from their children,  no more mothers who have to bury their children, and no more hashtags.

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