My Bisexuality Is Valid.

By Cindy Pasillas

September 23rd is bisexual visibility day. It’s a day where members of the bisexual community come together to celebrate our sexuality.

It’s a day where we make ourselves be seen and heard.

Being bisexual comes with a lot of negativity and invalidation, not only from heterosexual people but from the LGBTQA+ community as well. Yup, that’s right, members of our own community don’t accept us either!

There’s this absurd idea that we aren’t suppose to attracted to more than one gender. People will tell us we’re confused and indecisive, we’re simply promiscuous beings, or that we’re going through a phase.

They’ll tell us anything to make us feel invalid.

Well I’m here to tell you my bisexuality is valid just like any other sexual orientation.

There will always be those people that will tell us we’re confused because oh no it isn’t possible for someone to be attracted to more than one gender. Newsflash it’s possible. Telling us to make up our minds is possibly the most ignorant thing to say. My mind is made up, silly, I like men and woman. I’m not being indecisive. There isn’t a rule that says I can only like one gender. We all like what we like. It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp. You may be confused by my sexuality, but I’m not.

Bisexuality is often tied with polygamy, which I don’t understand why. Bisexuality is the attraction of more than one gender. Polygamy is having more than one partner. They don’t go hand in hand. Simply because I like both genders doesn’t mean I’ll date them both at the same time. We’re perfectly capable of carrying on monogamous relationships.

“You’re probably going through a phase.” Really? A phase is something you’ll grow out of. If it’s really a phase then I’ve been going through this phase my entire life. I remember being a kindergartner and having a crush on not only a boy but a girl as well. Bisexuality wasn’t even a part of my vocabulary. I didn’t know there was such thing. This has simply been my sexual orientation all my life even before I knew the term, so you cannot tell me I’m just going through a phase.

My sexuality is valid just like everybody else’s. No one should ever make you feel bad about who you’re attracted to because it’s no one’s business but yours.

Love is love, so love whoever you want to love.

Don’t let the ignorance of others stop you from being yourself. Will people be mean? Yeah probably because unfortunately we live in a society that can’t accept us but that’s okay. We don’t need the acceptance of others to lead a happy life.


Always remember gay is okay!

And your sexuality is just as valid as the rest.











One thought on “My Bisexuality Is Valid.

  1. It’s strange how the very community made to support and help members of LGBTQA don’t accept Bisexuals. As far as I know, they should, LGBTQA stands for: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queers and Asexual/Aromantic. Bisexuals are clearly included, so they should get over it.

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