Faces of Tulare Western

by:  Sarah Wilbur

Faces of Tulare Western is a student run account that posts  at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights. The purpose of this account is to reach out to all sorts of students.

By listening to what each student has to share, makes an impact on the student as well as the one interviewing. The only way to recognize the outcomes is to ask students around campus! Posted below are some of the responses that were received!

“I think the Instagram account is very influential and inspires others to be more involved with everything that’s going on! Personally, the account helped me meet knew faces and made campus have a more family feel!” -Larissa Sanchez, freshman.

“Faces of Tulare Western is really nice and is a beautiful account! The fact that a student is recognized weekly is awesome. I’m inspired by each and every story that is shared.” -Angela Diaz, freshman.

“Getting to see schoolmates and read stories about them that I wouldn’t normally talk to them about is the best part of the account! I love this school.” -Jahnessah Cavazos, freshman.

“You need to follow Faces of Tulare Western because you need to be able to see the perspective of others. The account gives you the opportunity to learn about what your classmates are thinking and be introduced to different people each week.” -Susi Tonga, junior.

“It’s good to follow Faces of Tulare Western to see the students on this campus who show real school spirit and who have a great personality that needs to be spread throughout the campus.” -Reagan Leal, junior.

Follow: @facesoftularewestern on instagram to stay updated and meet a new Mustang each week!


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