The Beauty of Curly Hair by Livia Webster

Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful. They would say curly hair is too big, in the way, or ugly, to the point where some girls would hide their beautiful hair with a flat iron. Natural curly hair is something girls should express themselves with, and stand up for. Curly hair has a statement, it shows the real beauty in them.

“It’s annoying having curly hair, because you always have to find a way to make it look good, to where I wish I had straight hair, but there’s sometimes when I do love my curly hair.” – Jennifer Orozco

Curly hair can be very annoying at times. You either wake up in the morning with amazing curls, or you wake up with a bee’s nest on top of your head, but the best part about having curly hair is showing how much it makes you, you. Some girls say that curly hair really does make them feel sassy, and makes them stand out from everybody else.

“My curly hair is really nice, I love it, but it can get annoying at times. There’s times where  I do wish  I had straight hair, but then again I love my hair, because it’s unique. I feel like my hair brings more sass to me, it just makes me feel like I stand out more.” – Kimberly Varela

Girls who have natural curly hair should be more confident in their hair, by letting their curliness shine to where it might even help many more girls around the world feel comfortable about their big, bold, beautiful curly hair. Loving your natural hair does take awhile to do, but compliment each other on how beautiful our natural hair is even if it’s curly, straight, or wavy. Hair can really make a difference on themselves. Coming together as girls on loving our hair at Tulare Western, we would be seeing a lot more of sass and confident girls around campus and maybe even around the country. Curly hair is beautiful and don’t forget that.

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