Ri Ri vs Queen B

Beyonce Knowles has been on top for years now. Rihanna however has recently been all anyone has been able to talk about from her style, music, and dance skills. Should Queen B be scared or a little nervous or will her years of ruling the music industry keep her on top?

I asked an all freshmen Avid class if they were team Rihanna or Beyonce. These were the results out of 32 students: 12 were team Rihanna and 19 were team Beyonce.

I also got to talk to a junior English class. Out of 25 kids, 14 were team Rihanna and 11 were team Beyonce.

Freshman Jahnessah Cavazos said, ” I picked Beyonce because I can relate to her songs more than Rihanna’s.”

Also on team Beyonce is junior Johnathan Ventura. He says, ” I like her because my mom likes her and when I was a kid she always used to listen to her.”

Beyonce may have the visual appearance that it takes to win a crowd over but does her music relate to this generation anymore and can it compete with rising powerhouse Rihanna?

On team Rihanna is junior Kendall Hadfield. She says, ” Rihanna has good songs and is an amazing role model.”

Also on team Rihanna is freshman Larissa Sanchez. She says, ” Beyonce is kind of out of date now and  I like Rihanna’s style better.”

Even though Beyonce may be facing a little competition for that top spot, both artists have proven to be very successful. Whether you’re team Rihanna or team Beyonce, both are great role models to this generation and have amazing music.


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