Hillary Clinton’s Health

By: Sam Marquez

Whether you’ve been keeping up with the American Presidential candidates or not, you at least know that Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee and Donald Trump is the republican nominee. Both have their pros and cons to become the face of our country, but shouldn’t we be voting for the president we choose, not the vice president?

What is meant by this is, there has been speculation about Clinton’s health and due to that how she is unsuitable to be our next president.

Here’s the evidence:

Hillary was treated for a blood clot in her brain about four years ago, and has had blood clotting issues for many years now. Since then, she has been put on blood thinners, and the matter of the fact is that there are many side effects.

Symptoms of blood clots include speaking difficulties, dizziness, lack of coordination, headaches and others which indicate that you should seek medical attention. (md-health.com)

The symptoms/side effects of blood clots in the brain include: occasional temporary memory loss, seizures, strokes, inability to control speech; side effects of blood thinners include: dizziness, weakness, and many more that Hillary Clinton clearly displays.

Due to this speculation many people have been looking into her secret services men, particularly this man: hillary-clinton-stroke-1

He is reported to be a certified medic, and obviously Clinton is going to need secret service men to protect her, but why would she need a medic?


The little badge on the man to the right is a certified medic’s badge, again she wouldn’t need a medic like this unless something was seriously wrong. Who is she to promote herself to be America’s next leader when she clearly isn’t physically prepared for the taxing measures of becoming president.


Hillary Clinton is seen here needing help walking up the stairs, practically being carried up; Clinton is no young puppy, she is 68 years old and again she obviously isn’t physically adequate for the taxing role.

Hillary Clinton has made claims that she has forgotten some pretty important things in the past, and after watching this video, that might be the case.

After watching this video you can tell it’s hard for her to focus and it seems like she has forgotten why she is there. This has happened many times in the past, and side effects of blood clots in the brain include memory loss.


Most recently, Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Seemingly her team has since tried to cover it up.

A contributor from the Huffington Post was terminated from his position after writing about Hillary Clinton’s health, to top that both articles he had written about the topic have since be deleted. Only those articles.

A couple of Tulare Western’s students who advocated for Clinton wanted to add their input after going over the evidence that was provided.

Knowing that Hillary Clinton’s health is a bit unstable, does this change your perspective on who to vote for (if you can)? 

“It really does, I’d rather have a brutally honest president than a dead one.” Domenik Mora, Junior

“I feel like it’s unlawful for her to be advertising herself as this person she is not, the thing about the journalist shocked me, I didn’t think she could get that low.” Jesus Camacho Jr, Junior

What do you think? Let’s hear the other side. Please give thoughts on why one should vote for Hilary Clinton.

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