Mustangs Trample E.Y.L. Preview

The Mustangs had the competition eating their dust as they took the victory against the Mauraders of Monache High School at Bartlett Park in Porterville on Thursday September 1, 2016 for the E.Y.L. Preview.

The cross country teams of both sexes and all levels either received first or second place in their respective races. It’s safe to say that the Mustangs are galloping towards a winning season and to go behind the scenes of what it takes to be in the sport, we spoke to quite a few runners.

When asked,  How rigorous is the training for cross country?’

Senior Hector Delgado responded, “We start running lots of miles approximately four to twelve a day, but it’s not all about speed which is a misconception most hold when they think of running. It’s more of a way to build foundation.”

When asked about the challenges runners might face participating in the sport he had these words of encouragement.

“Stick to it. It’s unlike any other sport. Cross country is essentially a lifestyle. You have to train hard, watch what you eat. It won’t be easy but cross country isn’t for the weak heart or weak minded.”

Next we asked Senior Mauricio Mendoza what goals he has for the season?

“My personal goal is to break a 16:30 in the three mile. Goal as a whole for the team is get the team closer for races.”

Other schools better cross their fingers that the Mustangs don’t beat them too badly because their keeping the trails blazing.

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