Dove Season Has Arrived, Putting Summer to an End

In California, and across the nation, the first week of September is historically known for being the beginning of dove hunting season. In Tulare County this year, the upland game sport began on Labor Day, marking the end of summer.

The season is split into two sessions. The first session is September 5th-September 15th, and the second session is from November 8th-December 22nd.

Tulare Western’s very own Mr. Daniel Allen spent his Labor Day Weekend hunting.

“I didn’t grow up in a hunting family, but I did grow up around guns. Out of high school I decided I wanted to get some experience actually hunting.  I looked to some family friends that were hunters and got educated.  I think the more you get outdoors and engage with nature, the more you realize what life is really about.  It’s a great opportunity to think about what’s important and have some introspection.”

He continued on by saying how this season was “especially important,” as it was his 13 year old son’s first time hunting. His son just completed his hunter’s education.

Daniel Allen, an English teacher at Tulare Western, and his 13 year-old son, Grant, at a season opener over Labor Day Weekend, 2016.

It’s only been in the last century that dove have becoming popular hunting game, especially in the Central Region of California, where prairies, farms, and grasslands (popular dove habitats) are in abundance. And for that long the hunting season has been bringing people together from all over.

Mr. Allen said, “Tulare still has that small town, agrarian feel to it that goes hand and hand with hunting. It’s nice sharing those moments with the people you love, teaching them what you’ve learned, and having some time alone to talk about life in general.”

The Mendota Wildlife and Pilibos Wildlife Areas in Fresno County, and the Lake Success Wildlife Area in Tulare County all offer dove hunting with the proper licenses and registrations.

– Chloe Cushing, Senior

Additional Information:

Resident (16 years and older) hunting licenses – $46.44

Non-resident hunting licenses – $161.49

Junior (15 years and younger) hunting licenses – $12.14

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