“America’s Got Talent” Judges Blown Away Again by the Young Singer Grace VanderWaal

maxresdefaultGrace VanderWaal, the 12 -year-old and ukulele player on this season of America’s Got Talent, has people and the judges blown away with her amazing voice singing her original songs. People are even calling her the next Taylor Swift and saying how Taylor Swift should “watch out.”

The 12 year old who got the golden buzzer on her first audition singing her original called, ‘I Don’t Know My Name,’ going into the semi-final with another original song called, ‘Light the Sky’ that blew away the judges once again. One of the judges, Simon Cowell, saying, ” This is very simple Grace because word comes from you, I know that every idea comes from you, the songs come from you, the lyrics comes from you, I think you sing a new generation, and I am so flattered, and thrilled that you have decided to come on this show to showcase your talent.” He went on saying, “Now I hope America picks up the phone and votes for you.”

Even though Grace sounds amazing on her own, the 12 -year -old singer also had a cellist and a percussionist joining her on stage this time, making her performance better than ever! Of course the judges were amazed by her performance, and they think that she might possibly win this competition.

VanderWaal said, ” This is incredible how this entire experience has been, it’s amazing how this is happening to me.”

Be on the lookout. VandarWaal has more to come, she may be 12 but her singing is taking her somewhere big.

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