Mustang Cheer: Let’s Get Loud

Tulare Western Cheer is giving the other schools some competition. They have implemented new stunts, a new competition team, and some new dance moves to be able to compete with the other two Tulare schools.

Talking to sophomore, Rylee Flores, she says, ” I think our competition season will be good. We are bringing in some new coaches. I don’t really think it’s about winning this year. We’re just gonna have a lot of fun.”

The Mustang’s cheer team has brought a new energy and attitude to this season-one that is definitely pointing the team in the right direction.

They have also implemented seasonal cheer which has allowed for more people to be able to get involved in cheer. Flores said, ” I like the new rule because I love cheering for football, but not so much basketball.”

This is definitely a step in the right direction for the Mustang’s cheer program.

Also talking to sophomore and first year cheerleader, Lauryn Ray, she says, ” I think this season is going to be really great. We have been working on better stunts and dance moves.”

Big things are expected from the cheer program this year. I am very excited to see what the cheerleaders have in store for us.


One thought on “Mustang Cheer: Let’s Get Loud

  1. I am part of the JV cheer team this year and am very excited for this season.I like how we got to pick what seasons we wanted to cheer for so we didn’t have to do a season that we didn’t want to do. I am very excited for this year and hope people love the dances and stunt’s that we have put together.


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