Beauty Hurts

By: Lisette Yanez



What do you do for beauty? Every day strange trends are turning up and trying to get people to do weird and sometimes disgusting “remedies” in the hopes of becoming more beautiful.

There are so many popular fashion trends around the world and it’s simply amazing how many people actually buy into these fads just to try and be like everybody else. The question is: how far would you go?

Recently a new hygiene trend has come out. Someone decided it’d be a good idea to grab a handful of dirt, stick it in a jar, and call it toothpaste. Well technically it has baking soda for teeth whitening and cinnamon for a nice flavor as you clean your teeth.

Tulare Western senior, Jenny Ayala commented, “Ew, that’s disgusting!”

“Hm, if that works, it’s actually kinda cool,” mentioned Ericka Salazar, another senior Mustang.

The brand, The Dirt, claims that its toothpaste is “made to support your natural remineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves.” Well if it works, then I suppose it could be worth a try.

In Asia, however, there’s a trend going around that doesn’t sound like the best idea. It’s called yaeba , a word that means double tooth in Japanese and it’s where people go to their dentists and pay them to make their teeth stick out in different directions, the exact opposite of what we try and do here in the US. In fact we try to straighten our teeth to get that perfect white smile we see in the movies all the time.

Before and After Microblading.

For those out there who absolutely hate their eyebrows or just don’t seem to have any, there’s now microblading! The 3 hour process consists of first drawing a rough draft in removable pencil (one hour), then using a special microblading pen to stroke in each hair, one by one (two hours).

This technique seems weird and unnatural but there are people who genuinely need it. Tulare Western senior, Josée Garcia, says, “I looked into this stuff, it’s 800 bucks! I really wanna do it ‘cuz I have no eyebrows!” The process is long but will last for up to 3 years, plus it’s also smudge-proof.

There’s so much more out there right now, from eyeball earrings to reverse tanning, with so much more coming in the future. Hopefully people don’t go too far in search of beauty and popularity.


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