Diversity And Proper Representation In The Media Matter.

By Cindy Pasillas
Pop culture plays an ample role in how we view others and the world around us. It 
helps us see life through the eyes of people that aren’t quite like us and gives us a 
better understanding as to what the world is like outside of our little bubble. We live in 
a very diverse world yet the media isn’t properly representing us all. In fact in 2014, 
73.1% of film actors in Hollywood were white and only 26.9% being of a minority 
Yes, Hollywood is predominantly white but that isn’t the only issue we have in the 
There isn’t enough accurate representation for other groups such as woman and LGBT actors. You might be thinking well sure there is, there’s women and LGBT characters in tons of films and television shows, but the truth of it is that they aren’t being accurately represented. When it comes to these roles, there’s always some sort of social stigma or stereotype attached to the character. Women are usually portrayed to be the damsel in distress waiting to be saved by a man. Men are made out to be these strong beings that can do anything. Black characters are drug dealers or uneducated. Gay men are feminized. Asians are terrorists. Latina’s are fetishized to be these erotic beings. That’s far from our reality. 
You cannot generalize a character’s background and expect it to be relatable. Women are more than just the damsel in distress we need stronger roles for women. Men aren’t always strong, they have their breaking points too and that’s okay. Black people can be educated beings and they are. Not all gay men are the same. Asian are not all 
bad people. Latina’s aren’t sexual items. Stop with the stereotypes.  
 If we were to broaden our horizons in the media, amazing things could happen for our 
 upcoming youth. It’s important that children see people that are others like them on the 
 television and on the big screen. There’s no better feeling than being able to identify with  a character in your favorite series or movie. Not only does it help with self identification, but it can show kids that their possibilities are endless and that they have the potential to do anything. If that actor that they can identify with was able to become successful, so can they!  
Diversity and accurate representation in our media are important and beneficial to everyone and it’s time Hollywood wakes up and realizes that.

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