Band Season

As football season is coming to a start, many people, besides the football team, are making preparations, such as band. They have been preparing for weeks to wow everyone in the stands with their beautiful melodies.

After vigorous preparation over the summer through band camp, our band is absolutely ecstatic about their new music and their second year with band director Patrick Alvidrez. They’ve been practicing for not only half time shows but the intense band competitions. The band really does not get enough credit for the work they do. You may not notice someone out of step on the field but the drum majors and even the judges at their competitions notice. The band must be in tune perfectly, march in time, and hit every mark on their sheet to make it perfect. With just under 100 students, you can imagine the difficulty in their jobs.

Not only are their jobs difficult but they also give up a lot to be apart of a winning band. I personally have started going to band practices and I’ve learned a lot from it. They usually aren’t home for dinner but they eat when they get home, after band practice ends at 9. They have very little time to do homework between when school ends and when practice starts, but it gets done. The band marches and plays on a hot and humid field. They do take breaks but the work that gets done between them is phenomenal. Many don’t see band as a sport, but the physical activity, the sweat, the tears, and everything that a sport is known for can be seen on that field just the same.

Remember to cheer on your band while at games! They work hard too, and if you don’t think so you should come out and watch a practice. Try to keep up with their movements let alone learn the notes to their music. Good luck Marching Band! Here’s to a successful band season!IMG_8808

2 thoughts on “Band Season

  1. Band does really take a lot of time and dedication especially when some students are in the Pre-Med program or take honors or AP classes. As a band member I can say it may take a lot of time and sweat to prepare but once you finish you can feel the pride and satisfaction of knowing you did amazing and your practice has paid off.

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