Welcome Back Mustangs!

No better way to get our Mustang family even closer than Back to School Night! This annual event took place August 30th. It was a huge success. We had over 200 parents come support their kids. With tacos, ice cream, sno cones, campus tours, classroom visits, and SO much more… It was a very special evening.

I realized a lot last night. I know it was all about the staff to be able to gain more information about the students, but as a student I also valued something from last night.

As a senior, my time left here under the palms is limited. Although it is called BACK to school night, we’ve actually been BACK at school for a while now. We are 1 month in and have 165 days left to go! This was my last Back to school Night and I’m learning even these small events create long lasting memories so it is my job to make the absolute most of every single second I’m left with.

Go Mustangs!!

By: Sarah Wilbur, Senior



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