Class Election Winners

By: Michael Olivares

If a student didn’t ask you this week to vote for them, for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class president, then you need to be more noticeable. Maybe you’ve been handed food, candy, or stickers, it’s a simple way of persuasion. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love food, especially when it’s free!!

There were so many candidates, but only 1 could win for president, of that class, other candidates would win for vice president, secretary, and treasurer. After the election, each class ends up with one of each category.

It’s not like in the movies where two of the opponents are rivals and have so much hate for each other, in fact according to Harold Garcia, sophomore, he doesn’t have any hate towards opponents, Audrey, and Gabby. He says they’re more of acquaintances.

Here are this year’s winners


President: Macie Vieria

VP: Macie Movsesian

Secretary: Natalie Gomes

Treasurers: Lauryn Salazar


President: Harold Garcia

VP: Justin Docanto

Secretary: Gabriela Molina

Treasurers: Kasie Elisarrarez


President: TBD


Secretary: TBD

Treasurers: TBD


President: Megan Muller

VP: Savannah Martinez

Secretary: Jaiden Martin

Treasurers: Danny Sandoval

Congratulations to our winners! Hope you have the best year!!!


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