The Beginning of the End

by: Kennedy Oliver

Last Friday morning as the sun slowly rose at 6:00 a.m., Palm Lane was full of seniors who were enjoying a complimentary breakfast, listening to music, and creating memories with friends at the first ever Senior Sunrise .

This new event was created by this year’s A.S.B. President Sarah Wilbur and it was meant for seniors to take a breath between the multiple college applications, financial aid applications, or other life choices and stop to smell the roses. Being a new event, it had curiosity spreading throughout the upperclassmen.

We caught up to a few Mustangs and asked them some questions. We asked Matthew Schoenau what his thoughts were when he first heard about Senior Sunrise?

His thought was,”Will there be food?” After the fits of laughter passed we asked him if he enjoyed himself?

“Oh most definitely.”

The next senior we spoke to was Samantha Miller and we asked her about her favorite part of Senior Sunrise?

“Meeting new people and having a great time.”

Lastly we were able to grab a few words from our busy ASB president where we asked how she thought the morning went?

“It went perfect and a new tradition was created that’s here to stay.”

As the morning progressed with speakers ranging  from Tulare Western Alum or just teachers on campus who gave advice to the seniors on how to navigate this crazy ride called senior year; one last task was given to them:

A huge “because I said I would” card was presented so that the Class of 2017 would write their goals for this year. Just like the message the marquee displays outside of campus, this is the class of 2017’s year, meaning that life as we’ve know it will change for the better.  Let’s take every opportunity that’s presented to us and just be all in.


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