Classmen vs. Classmen

by: Kennedy Oliver

This week is the 2nd annual Battle of the Classes which is the ultimate test- a week full of dress-up days and lunch time activities that determine whether Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, or Freshmen are the REAL big men on campus.

Teams from every grade level were created and the competition has been nothing less than fierce. The big question is who’s going to win? Time to reexamine this week’s past events and come to a conclusion.

This past Tuesday the dress-up theme was Ages. It had the campus swarming with adorable baby freshmen,  sophomores as too cute toddlers, juniors as non juvenile adults, and seniors as senior citizens. The activity consisted of “dirty”diapers, baby food crawl space, root beer, and gums and cards which was a recipe for a  fun, disastrous mess for some participants.

Wednesday was a twist in time with decades as the theme of the day. Freshmen were reliving the sixties, sophomores in the seventies, juniors from the eighties, and the seniors bringing back the nineties. The activity yesterday of 3-D four square brought back memories of our younger days.

Thursday the theme was rejuvenating by having freshman in animals, sophomores beach attire, juniors in their pajamas, and seniors as rockstars that represent energy based drinks ( Hawaiian Punch, Red Bull, coffee, Rockstar energy drink). The activity was a bittersweet one with an up and over game that featured a specific drink according to the class.

Friday’s theme was classic red white and blue. Not only wearing the spirit colors the participants showed the spirit by playing an interactive version of  hungry hungry hippo. After the challenged ended we all could barely contain the hunger of knowing who is the TRUE big men on campus. The winner was sophomore class, but for most this week will be  one for the ages.



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