By: Grace and Sarah Wilbur


We have some BRAND new staff members here at T-DUB and it’s only appropriate to welcome them back the Mustang way!!! We have interviewed them after their first full week here! This is what their responses were:

“My favorite part about Tulare Western is the family atmosphere. I definitely did not anticipate the welcoming and helpful nature of everyone here on campus. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make me and the rest of the new staff feel welcome and that is a pretty special thing. It has made my transition here incredibly smooth.” -Mr. Patton

“I am a TW alum (Class of 2010) my favorite part about teaching is getting to know my students and all their different personalities! They are TW students so of course they are all amazing. My most memorable moment from the past few days of school would have to be ASB coming into my classroom on the first day of school to welcome me back to Tulare Western. It feels great to have about 40 kids come into your class to give you their support!” -Ms. Vieira

“The vibe I get from TW is that it is an awesome place to be! I’ve been bragging to all my teacher friends, that I worked with in Delano & Strathmore, that TW has got it going on! I have never witnessed so much school spirit & pride, as I have here at TW! Everyone, and I mean everyone, that I’ve encountered on the campus (students & adults) have been so kind and welcoming to me! I can’t say enough about how much I’m loving my new school!” -Ms. Romero

“Tulare Western is home! I graduated from Western in 2007, I was part of the drama club, ballroom dance club and I was on the journalism team. I was excited to come back to do my part and now that I see how much Western has grown as a community within itself, I’m even more honored to be a part of it’s family and working alongside the very teachers who pushed me to be my best. When I first started we had a staff meeting about how much we want our students to feel like a part of something bigger, about wanting our students to come to school feeling safe, welcome and confident. I see that attitude in action everyday with the ASB lunch activities and the commitment the staff has towards its students. I love Western and all it stands for.” -Ms. Gomez

“I plan to stay as long as Tulare Western welcomes me.” -Ms. Larson

Other NEW staff members are Mr. Villarreal, who is our new a counselor and Ms. Henderson, who is a Science teacher! We will have more information on them coming soon!

We are SO excited for each and every new staff member on campus. As many of them already recognized, our ASB put together gifts for each new teacher and went to their classroom to welcome them to Western on the first day of school.




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