Dude. be nice Week

This past week on campus, the associated student body put together a Dude Be Nice week. During this week, the students recognized the administration, teachers, librarians, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, and custodial staff. The ASB also put on daily lunch events for students to participate in, in hopes that there would be a sense of … More Dude. be nice Week

Did Adnan Do It?

By: Delilah Becerra, Rebecca Arriola There has been some arguments about Adnan Syde being guilty. I interviewed some people asking them about their view about the case. Most may say ¨Why would he be in jail if they had no physical evidence at all doesn’t make any sense?¨ Another may say that ¨Why did they … More Did Adnan Do It?

Once Upon A Shake

            ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ By: Aglaheth Zaragoza   Chapter 2: Her eyes met mine again and I felt my sheltered heart shake. Her eyes were red and her face rosy. She looked so miserable and broken. Whatever it is was that was making her cry this much must be really bad. “Please … More Once Upon A Shake