By: Gwyneth Barnett   It is that time of the year where everything is coming to an end. This school year can be reflected on throughout the many words and photos inside the yearbook. The 2018-19 staff has worked very hard on putting the yearbook together until late April. This year’s yearbook included a bigger … More Yearbooks

Western Week

By: Gwyneth Barnett This year’s Western Week started at the end of the year pool party which student had access to the pool, food trucks, and even a movie. Towards the end of the night, teams competed in a belly flop contest along with a mystery duck contest. Western Week continued the next week with … More Western Week

Care For Our Planet!!

By: Ashlynn Canfield If you have been on Instagram or Snapchat anytime recently, you most likely have noticed the raised awareness about Climate Change and pollution. All of the Earth’s problems stem from only one factor. Humans! We are the main reason why our Earth is slowly declining into a ginormous wasteland Climate Change Climate … More Care For Our Planet!!

SUMMER 19′!!

By: Macie Movsesian Since there are only a few weeks left until school is over, have you thought about what YOU will be doing this summer? Here are a few ideas to help you decide what your summer could consist of. Day trip to the beach? Summer school? GET THOSE CREDITS! College starting up soon? Trip … More SUMMER 19′!!

Prom 2k19

By: Gwyn Barnett and Ashlynn Canfield Prom ideas Prom is one of the most exciting events during a students high school career. For Tulare High Schools prom will occur on May 4th at Country M. Ranch (3103 E Oakdale Ave, Tulare, CA 93274)  Details Dinner from 6-8pm Dance is from 8-11pm Photo Booths G Greek … More Prom 2k19